Our Approach

To provide every hard working entreprenuer with affordable resources to market their brand.

Our Story

LaTasha "T-Huny" Williamson, a mom of three, sat down one night and pondered on the list of projects she had to complete for the week. Then the thought hit her, that there are many others out there, such as busy moms and grinding entreprenuers, struggling to sleep because of business affairs. She then thought, "what if I could provide services to help change all of that." And that's how was inspired.

Meet the Team

We would love to assist you in expanding your brand.

laTasha "T-Huny" Williamson


Homeschooling Mom of 3, Music Artist, Entrepreneur and allergic to the color orange! ... I know she's quite bizarre.


LaToya Bulerin

Business Consultant

The Definition of Independence, A Certified Personal Trainer, Entreprenuer and a slacker hater.


LaKiisha Cook

Content Developer

A hard working Mom of 3, an Amazing Top Author and a faithful Twizzler consumer who makes her own gel.

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