Market My Brand Now was created to offer independent brands affordable services that will aid in the progression and success of their brands.



We got you! At an afforable cost, you can't let this oppurtunity slip by. See below, for more of our services currently available.

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Build your website with us

Having a professional website, is one of the main neccessatites when establishing your brand. People want to see you. They need access to you provide. Having a professional website (not a bootleg website with poor template editing) but a true website that will make people say - wow!

Even if the main source of your promotion is word of mouth, having a website provides additional market targeting to other remote parts of the world. Whether your expanding globally or locally, its time to level up.

A website is important to have for common business in today's world of both online and offline ventures. Even if you were to sell locally in your hometwn or verbally promote, your consumers will be searching for you online.

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All the tools you need to succeed on the web

WordPress Hosting

Our WordPress Hosting provides automatic setup, backups and software updates paired with 24/7, award-winning support. Get started in just a few clicks.

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Email Marketing

Connect with your clients and increase customer retention with Email Marketing.

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Everything you need to open your own online store.

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Our SEO tool analyzes your website and gives you step-by-step instructions on how you can optimize for Google®, Yahoo® and Bing®. All it takes is a few clicks, and then you can get back to business.

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Domain Transfer

Direct any domain name you own to your website—then, anyone who enters that domain name into a browser will be taken to your website.

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SSL Security

Speak the language of security with an SSL certificate. The little green lock lets visitors know that you’ll keep their data safe.

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